AMR is recruiting!

Bagheera Officero posted Jun 30, 17

AMR has turned 11 years old, and we're looking for some fresh faces to join us in battling the Legion! All classes and roles are welcome to join!

With respect to raiding, we are looking for great players of all roles, but we could really use:

  • 1-2 Healers
  • Priests, Mages, Demon Hunters...we've been told these classes exist, but we're not buying it.

We will be focusing on Normal and Heroic raids, and you can see our up to date progress to the right >>>.

We raid Wed/Thurs 8-11p CST. We expect our raiders to be mature, reliable, punctual, and prepared.

We are also welcoming non-raiders as well.

We are looking for people who are seeking a home, in which they play, not only to progress in raiding, but to be a part of the guild and play with good people. We take pride in having a drama-free atmosphere. (Actually, it's a bit dull, so I'm not against some make-believe drama - Baggy)

For more information contact Shalyn, Bagheera, or Alekrynn in game in the evenings, or just apply by clicking the link below.

We've decided to drop Ventrilo as our official guild comms app. It's quite old, in fact, it hasn't been updated over 5 years. It also costs poor, poor Shalyn money. About a month back we found a promising alternative and began using it outside of raid times...aaaand it's pretty great.

Starting now, AMR will be using Discord, which you can find at There are versions for both Windows and Mac (and even a Linux version soon), as well as apps for Android and iOS.

Click here to

Time is a Flat Circle...

Bagheera Officero posted Jan 13, 16

...and so is Archimonde.

Go Team Gamon!!!

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